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"Which Of These Tantric Secrets Will
Make Her Call You 'GOD?' Read This Report To Discover The Shocking TRUTH About Women, Tantra And The New Age Scene!"
From the desk of Jack Ellis Dear Fellow Lover of Women:
You are reading a letter I'm very excited to send.   A few people have heard about this program and have been bugging the hell out of me - "when are you going to release that %$#@ Tantra program?" is a question I've heard WAY too often the past few weeks.   I didn't think I would ever release it... until now.
They call me the "king of underground methods" because I've spent the past several years building up an unstoppable arsenal of persuasion tactics.   No matter how "off the wall" some technique might be, I go out of my way to learn it and incorporate it into my "style."   Then, if it works, I release it to you.
Tantra Recently I made the acquaintance of a man I'll call "Dr. Weger" (pronounced VAY-gur).   Who is he and why should you care about him?   Read on...
Weger is one of those guys I would see out on the town with a beautiful woman on his arm... but seeing him was rare... he'd be there one moment, and then he'd be gone.   Blink and you'd miss him - but he had something unusual going on.
After a period of several months I finally managed to corner him, buy him a drink, and pick his brain... and you won't believe what I found out.
He attributed nearly all his success to his knowledge of dark tantric practices learned from defrocked "gurus" of the worst sort - and explained (in explicit detail!) exactly how he manipulates his local "new age" scene to act as his "fish pond" of incredibly hot women!
Some of it I wouldn't believe had I not witnessed it with my own eyes.   I've seen many books dealing with "driving women wild" - but have never seen an all-encompassing book that tells you how to drive women wild - and exactly how to find attractive women to USE the techniques on!

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