Lately , I enroll into a yoga class. Its fun, and I felt much healthier ....

Am I go more indept into yoga, I found that nude yoga, give you more freedom. Without the restriction and burden of cloths, you can really feel the energy.

As time pass, I get a little bored. Thus I turn to my classmate, the gals to look for a partner to do double nude yoga.

And with no luck, I cant find any. Thus I search and found this webside with vids in nude yoga.

I cant help but end up with masturbation at the end of every yoga I did on my own, its like a habbit.

Found this Lady Gaga vids on youtube, a must watch,,, hehe

Instead a cute guy start talking to me. He told me that Kamasutra, the great sex position, come from yoga. And show me few video where couple can do together. His vids is boring. So I show him what I found instead.

Ya, and some how he got excited. Well, since its after yoga, and a habit, I try out a few position with him. And we ended up.......

My bf? Who ask him not to join me for yoga class.... now I give him my ass...hehe

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