HAUNTED BODY --- The Beginnng

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Its another rainy night. Jade stand in fornt of the window, staring aimlessly at the street.

Loneliness? Maybe. Or isit just another day, where life start to get back to her.

"I am just a simple gal, living aimlessly in this world." she thinks.

"Or maybe, I just needed something to spice up my life..."

Slowly, she move away from the window, lying back into her bed. Soft and comfy. Thats the feeling she likes. Somehow, it never do the trick of making her feel better.

Looking into her phone, well, now everyone is connected to the phone. Maybe, I just needed someone to talk to. Maybe.... I just need to give hiim a text.

Alex, this guy she know from.... cant really remember from where.... but he is funny. Maybe, he can kill my loneliness...

Jade is slim, have a nice body and a stylish face. Lots of man approach her, and she know why. Alex looks normal, not the typical asian guy. But she like the way he make her laught. Not the prefect type of man she wanted, but.... its a lonely night.

Alex reply promply , and say he will be on his way and will bring supper for her. Thats fine too... thinks Jade.

Jade lie down on her bed, waiting..... music from handphone, gently soomth her mood....and she slowly fall asleep....

Ticklish feeling, wake her. Yet she cant open her eyes. She is still half asleep. She cant think, but yet she can feel the ticklish all over her body as if someone touching her so gently.

 "It feel good." she thinks.


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The itch get stronger, and stronger. She start to feel someone holding her breast and a cold wet tongue moving around. She started to breath heavily, as the tongue go lower and lower. She can feel the sensation getting stronger and stronger. She can feel fluid coming out of her viginal. Yet the cold wet tongue never touches her viginal. Just beside and aroung, around and around. She love the feeling of being tease... it make her wet, itch. The longer the tongue tease her, the stronger she feel.....

She wanted more, yet she cant get it. She try to reach out for him and move the tongue where it should be. But she seems unable to reach him. Just as she struggle, the tongue move right on the spots.

"ahh..." softly, she sounded with pleasure...

But the tongue do not let her rest, its all over her viginal. Outside and inside.... The tention get stronger and stronger.... and stronger....
Suddenly , she feel that she cant hold on any longer... the tention... the pleasure... the sensation.... Fliud rush out, and her body tumble uncontrollably....

Feeling start to settle. She start to regain her conciouness....

She open her eyes, but found no one beside her.

"Wet dreams?" she wander. " But it feel so real, and so good."

The bed is flooded with her fluid. She look and smile. " Am I that desperate?"

Slowly she stand up and wash herself in the bathroom. The sensation still lingering in her body.

"Oh boy, I needed a man." she laught at herelf.

Than she rememeber alex, maybe he will do for the time being. She signed.

"Why is he not here yet?"

She wrap herself up and reach for her phone.

No msg, no called. "I thought we msg, and he called me saying he will bring me supper?" she look at her phone with surprise. Is that also part of the dream???? But I am so sure I did talk to him....

If its a dream, than Its too real for her. Funy night , she thought.


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