Jade wake in the morning, wash up , get dress and ready to go to work.

She is a nurse and likes her job. But from time to time, she wish she can have a longer break. Life is harder in this part of the world, this small dot call Singapore. You got to work as there are bills and bills everyday. Living cost is high but its a clean and safe country. Lots of immigrant in this very small country.

Well, better for me, I got more guys to choose from....

 She took MRT to work. A train transport system in Singapore. Its fast and direct to her work place, only problem is it got a lots of break down. Nevertheless, it still the prefer transportation.

 As there are more immigrants in Singapore, from time to time, the train is over crowded. And its over crowded as usual.

She lean beside a door,looking at her phone, replying some msg and looking at Facebook. Seems like its everyone hobbies this days and so is hers.

Who knows its by accident or intentionally, someone seems to be standing very close to her. She look up and saw the side of a handsome young man. And the man smell good. A manly perfume that arouse her imagination. With this cheap thrill , she dont mind letting him get near to her.

 Asian guy are shy, especially here where laws protect woman, and man become so scare that they dont even dare to take action. To her,its always "just do it.if you think I am worth it. And I am totally worth it". Guys who dont dare, are never in her consideration.

Anyway, she continue playing her hand phone.

Daring guy have a kind of charm . Its like he is in control of his life.

But somehow, the guy beside her seems to be very daring. She can feel a hand slowly touching her legs. Than her inner legs....

 "Oh my God,here!!!" She stunt. She never have such a experience. Molest? Or excitement? Thinking of the guy beside her, it seems more of an excitement than a molest.

Nevertheless, it slowly arouse her desire.

It might be that she haven had enough satisfaction from the dream the night before. But most importantly, the danger that a stranger touching her, give her an unexpected excitement. Like a little girl cheating for the first time.

 Her heart pound heavily, blood seems to rush to her head. Her face begin to turn a little red.

But wait, the man is not that close to her to touch her inner legs... she thinks to herself. Someone else?

She start to look around to the other side. yet the other guy beside her is close, but not that close to her too.

 "My imagination again?" she thinks. The feeling of someone touching her get stronger. In fact, she can feel a finger going inside her vaginal...

 She is scare, her desire suddenly disappear. yet she clearly feel something is inside her. It rub slowly and gently. She is dry due the the shock, yet that something never hurt her.

 Slowly she reach her hand down to check if something is there, using her bag as a camouflage for her action. She find nothing.

 "I am not only desperate, I think I am going crazy." she was really worried.

 Its only half way before the train reach her work place, therefore, she decided to stay on the journey in order not to be late for work.

She is totally not horny or what so ever at this moment, not even looking at the phone. She just focus on her vaginal.

Nothing there, but she still can feel something moving around. Like a finger... gentle and soft, slowly teasing her clitoris. And slowly she is arouse again. She hate the feeling of being arouse, that makes her think that she is insane. But yet it feel good. The fight between sanity, as if she is fighting her good and evil side.

 Intense feeling, getting more intense. Heart beat getting harder. The more she control, the stronger she feel. Stronger and stronger. She start to lose the willingness to fight. It seems like evil had win over her.... yet evil never stop there. The thing in her start to vibrate.... faster and faster... and ....faster...

 Suddenly, something snap inside her.... like a water fall...her cum flow with excitement... right from her inner legs... towards her heels.

 "Oh my God, whats wrong with me!!!"

As she was wandering, the train stop. It is her station to alight.

She quickly step out and move towards the nearest restroom.

 In the rest room, she went into a cubical and undress herself. She even spread her vaginal, put her finger in and yet, she cant find a thing.

"I am really going insane."


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