NFT is also known as non fungible token. So , now it give us more problem, what it means? I want to make it simple for you, therefore, I am going to write like a layman. To understand NFT, you must first understand cryptocurrency.   Cryptocurrency is a digital token. Meaning, it is not physical. It is meant to replace "money" in the real world. When country print money, the value of your money goes down. That's why you need some asset to store your value. For example, you can buy property or invest in company via share and stock. But that might cost you a lot. Therefore, the easy way is to buy currency that can store value. But , can cryptocurrency store value? Is it a scam? Will, you can check out that funds in US are buying cryptocurrency. There are index for cryptocurrency. These type of activity mean that they have to hold a large amount of crypto. Well, event Elon Musk is buying and creating it. Now, will crypto store value? Not sure. Some go up and some die of. Th